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      Black History Month UK


      For #BlackHistoryMonth2020 Facebook and we at AFFORD are proud to celebrate a day of recognising where we are as a #diaspora, where we want to go and how we can get there collectively. In this digital world social platforms offer us a way of connecting with our diaspora family all over the globe with the click of a button. We have seen how an idea can spark a movement that creates a shift in mindset and a recognition of the collective power groups have. Examples can be seen in the Black Lives Matter movement sparking interest in creating practical and material change through initiatives like Black Pound Day.

      There is a saying I am, because we are.

      This BHM we will have a day exploring how our heritage shapes our identity and impacts on the actions and decisions we make. The role of technology in this cannot be ignored or understated, to look at ways of how diaspora and Africa can work more cohesively we should look to technology as a means to strengthening links and exhilarating actions for change, growth and progression.

      We have an amazing roll call of speakers.

      For more details and how to register, head here.

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