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      The Migration and Diaspora Podcast

      Our executive director Onyekachi Wambu was recently a guest on Loksan Harley’s series on Migration and Diaspora – sweet spots for us. In this long listen, hear Onyekachi connect the dots of his own journey. After talking about his childhood in post-independence Nigeria and his subsequent migration to the UK, Onyekachi deconstructs the “African diaspora”, providing his own conceptual framework to define who they are and to explain the different ways (or “transfers”) in which they contribute to the continent. Loksan and Onyekachi then talk about the role of AFFORD in engaging diasporas, including some of the work we’ve done to leverage diaspora interest in contributing their time, skills, money, and more. We close with Onyekachi’s insights into the key areas of under-exploited potential in African diaspora engagement, as well as his own lessons learned from many years working at the forefront of this exciting field. Enjoy and share!

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        ABC Bénin mobilise et soutient les investisseurs et les volontaires de la diaspora à travers l'Europe par le biais de conseils d'experts, de formations, de subventions et de prêts pour créer des emplois dans des secteurs émergents et divers.

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